The definition of Funds

Funds is one of the fastest growing investment vehicles in the last decade. From only accepting private wealthy customers in the past, general customers can now invest the funds according to their preferences. Overall speaking, Funds includes both “Capital” and “Management”.

In terms of “Capital”, funds is used for a specific investment purpose and is independent accounting of funds.

In terms of “Management”, managing the funds is a specific management for capital's structure and operations for achieving a precise target of capital growth.

On top of the combination of both “Capital” and “Management”, the changes of demands on the financial products in the market and the diversified types of funds is derived to meet the needs of different investors.
In the recent years, the most paramount concern of funds is the Private Equity Funds. It is an investment vehicles specially designed for the investors to gain the largest return. Some well-known funds, such as the fund controlled by Buffett, Soros's Quantum Fund, and the United States Long-Term Capital Management Company, substantiate the huge capital gain for their investor

Dr. Davy Chan

The founder and Chief Strategy Officer and Investment Officer

Over 20 years of experience in the capital and financial markets, including preliminary project research, project investment, financing, merger and acquisition. Through his experienced management and practical operation in financial market, he establishes an elite team of expertise who is able to gain from the market a steady and remarkable return for the investors and quality enterprises, accelerating those enterprises to be one of the market leaders, even to be Multinational Corporation.

Our Services

Enterprise Analysis

Provide professional analysis on corporations, markets an industries for investors and clients in order to tailor-make specific investment project to suit their needs.

Private Equity

Seek for high potential and valuable investment projects on behalf of investors or investment advice and gain high profitability for investors and institutions.


Assist potential China medium/large enterprises to list in Hong Kong Securities Market for financing.